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american hart's-Tounge fern

Scientific Name: Asplenium scoloperndrium

Description:  T his is a threatened species of plants in Michigan listed July 14, 1989.  Growing from short roots in the ground, the American Hart's tongue fern looks like a thin stem with many leaves growing from it.  Evergreen in color, this fern can grow 5 to 17 inches tall and have spore bearing fronds in size of ¾ to 1 ¾ inch wide. 

Habitat:  These plants require cooler conditions to grow.  They like cool conditions and these plants grow best in areas of high shade, constant humidity, and moist soil.  Sinkholes and limestone pits house these plants.  They can often be found growing on ledges or rock rubble. 

Why is this species threatened?  There are many threats to the survival of this plant including:  flattening or altering habitat, insect infestation, timber removal, and quarrying.

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