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Michigan Monkey Flower

Scientific Name: Mimulus glabratus

Description:  This is the only endangered plant species in Michigan. It was listed June 21, 1990.  The monkey flower can grow to be over 15 inches in length. The plant grows horizontally along the ground, forming thick mats. This plant has bright yellow flowers that grow approximately 1 inch long. The monkey-flower blooms in mid-June to mid-July.

Habitat: The Michigan monkey-flower is found only in Michigan. It is limited to areas that are very wet, cool, and sandy in the Northern Lower Peninsula.  

Why is it endangered? The Michigan monkey-flower has very specific needs and won't grow where everything isn't perfect. The plant has suffered from changing water levels along lakeshores and increases in water levels. It has also been hurt by increases in human activity and habitat destruction along lakeshores.

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