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If you want more info on any of the topics on this site, the internet is filled with all sorts of goodies.

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General Links

eNature.com : This very informative site was created by the National Wildlife Federation.

WI DNR Nature Notes for Kids : It not Michigan, but it's close. There is all sorts of great and interesting facts about Wisconsin wildlife.

TEACH Great-Lakes : A great site that is devoted to the history and environment of the Great Lakes.

Virginia Ecology : This huge site focuses on Virginia wildlife, but it also has a ton of info that is useful in Michigan.

The Big Zoo : A great site for younger children

Animal Links:

Michigan DNR Wildlife Species : A great directory of all types of important and interesting animals in Michigan.

U of M Zoology Museum : A great place to find scientific information on thousands of animals.

Cornell Bird Gallery : A site with info on all sorts of birds.

USGS Bird Guide : Another great bird site from the US Geological Survey

EndangeredSpecie.com : Great site on Endangered Species

Orders Of Insects : More info on Insect classification

Earthlife Insect Page : This site has all sorts of cool information on insects. Probably more than you ever thought you wanted to know.

    - Earthlife Insect: Lifecycle page : This page is hidden in the Earthlife site, but it is very informative.

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Plant Links

Tree Info : This site has a huge list of trees and is very informative.

Ohio Trees : It's not Michigan, but there are many trees in common.

Michigan Wildflowers : A big list of flowers from Michigan's DNR

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Ecology Links

Michigan DNR: Ecology : Lessons on several ecological topics

Environmental Kids Club : Fun and informative site from the EPA

Green.org: An site that features all sorts of information on watersheds and water quality. A great way to get involved

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Cell Links

Cells Alive! : This site has all sorts of animations and lessons on cells.

Lew-Port's Biology Place : This site has great lessons on DNA and cells complete with videos and animation

Cells Activity Page : This site contains interactive tests on cell part identification

Nova Online : This site has a cool lesson on DNA complete with video

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Geology Links

Geology Photos : Contains pictures of all different types of rocks

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