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Plants and animals, together with the weather, soil, and all sorts of other factors, all work together to create the environment.  No species of plant or animal ever lives without interacting with all different types of other plants and animals. The study of all these interactions is called ecology. Explore the topics below to learn more.

· Basics of Ecology - The relationships between plants, animals and their environment

· Types of Habitat - What lives where and why

· Food Web - Everything's got to eat something

· Competition - Fighting to survive!

· Symbiosis - Different types of interaction

· Niche - Everything has its own role

· Phenology - Biology of seasonal changes

· Succession - Biology of long term changes

· The Water Cycle - The continual recycling of all of Earth's water

· Watersheds - What is a watershed?

· Those Crazy Humans! - Our impact on the environment 

· How We Can Help - Things we can do to help preserve the environment

· Recycle - Where, when, what

Ecology Benchmarks