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nervous system

Have you ever played telephone before?  You know, you have a message, then you tell your friend and then it passes down from person to person.  Well that's essentially what your nervous system does for you except nerves are much faster and much more efficient.  Have you ever touched something hot and quickly removed your hand so you weren't badly burned?  Well you have your nervous system to thank for those tiger-like reflexes.  The primary purpose of the nervous system is to pass messages from your brain to the correct part of the body.  This is necessary for you to move, think, hear, see, smell, and do many other things.

Your brain, spinal cord, and nerves that are linked through your entire body make up your nervous system.  Your brain coordinates the information it receives from the nerves to produce all your actions and reactions.

So, how does it all work? When a nerve cell- or neuron- is stimulated, an electrical pulse travels through the neuron to the next neuron. This pulse causes the next neuron to create an electrical pulse which it passes on, and so on until it reaches the brain.  After it reaches the brain, the signal is processed and a response will be generated and sent back down the same way it came.



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