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Northern water snake

Scientific Name:  Nerodia sipedon

 Description: Water snakes are dark-colored snakes that usually have a white or yellow belly. These snakes have an average length between 24 and 55 inches. Water snakes are good swimmers and can stay underwater for up to an hour and a half if they need to. They have been known to live for up to 9 years in captivity . Water snakes are not venomous, but they do tend to be aggressive.

 Habitat: Water snakes are found in most of the eastern United States and up into southern Canada. They live in many different aquatic environments, including rivers , lakes , ponds and marshes . They prefer still waters with open areas for them to sun themselves. 

Food: These snakes are carnivorous - meaning they eat other animals. They eat frogs, fish, small mice, insects, and other snakes. They have been known to herd small fish into shallow water and eat them one at a time.

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