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Eastern Box turtle

Scientific Name: Terrapene carolina

Description: Box turtles range from 5 to 8 inches long. The color pattern on the turtles varies a lot depending on where the turtle is from. The bottom half of the box turtle's shell is flexible, which means the turtle can almost completely shut itself inside its shell. These turtles have been known to live over a hundred years. 

Habitat: Box turtles are found throughout the eastern United States. However, many people like to keep them as pets and escaped turtles are often found all over the country. These turtles like to live in open woodlands and meadows near swamps or streams .  

Food: These turtles are omnivores - meaning they eat both plants and animals. These turtles eat insects, amphibians, snakes, berries, flowers, and roots of plants. The smaller young turtles eat mostly meat while they are growing and then switch to mostly plants once they get larger. 

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