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green darner dragonfly

Scientific Name: Anax junius

Order: Odonata

Description: Green darners are among the largest of the dragonflies. They are usually near 3 inches long and have a wingspan of nearly 4 inches. They have large bulbous eyes and a body that is mostly emerald green. These dragonflies have excellent eyesight and can fly up to 18 mph. Once they reach the adult stage of their life cycle, they usually only have a few weeks to reproduce before they die. 

Habitat: The green darner can be found throughout North America and in parts of Asia. They live near still or slow moving waters where there are lots of aquatic plants and few predatory fish. 

Food: Adult dragonflies are carnivorous, meaning they eat meat. They are excellent hunters and eat many types of insects, including moths and mosquitoes.


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