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garden spider

Garden Spider

Scientific Name: Argiope aurantia 

Description: This common spider is mostly black with yellow or orange markings on its back. It grows to be between ¼ and inch long, with the females being larger than the males. Like many spiders and insects, the garden spider lives for a single year. It matures in mid- to late summer. The spiders mate and then lay their eggs in the fall. When winter comes, all the spiders die, leaving only the eggs. The eggs hatch in the spring and the cycle starts over. 

Habitat: These spiders range over most of North America. They like to build their nests in shrubby, open areas, like fields and gardens. It prefers sunny areas with very little wind.  

Food: Garden spiders use their webs to catch all sorts of flying insects. Some of their webs can be up to two feet in diameter.

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