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differential grasshopper

Scientific Name: Melanoplus differentialis

Order: Orthoptera

Description: The differential grasshopper is one of the most common species of grasshoppers. They are relatively large insects, growing to be between an inch to 1 ¾ inches long. They range in color from yellowish-green to yellowish brown. They also have black v-shaped bars on their large hind legs. Unlike other species of grasshoppers, differential grasshoppers do not migrate during the winter.  

Habitat: These grasshoppers are found throughout much of the U.S. They prefer grassy areas and open woodlands .  

Food: Like most grasshoppers, they eat all sorts of grasses and small fruits. Normally, they don't cause too many problems. When large groups of these grasshoppers get together, however, they can cause significant damage to cropland.



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