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Asian lady beetle

Scientific Name: Harmonia axyridis

Order: Coleoptera

Asian Lady beetle
Description:  These little beetles are often confused with native lady- bugs.  The can be many colors from pumpkin-orange to mustard-yellow.  The number of spots can be 0-18.  They have a distinguishing mark they lets you tell the difference between ladybugs  and the multi-colored Asian lady beetle.  In the area that separates the head area from the abdomen (where the wing covers start) you will see spots that look like a "W or M" depending if you are looking at it from the front or rear.  Native ladybugs do not have this distinguishing mark.

Habitat: The Asian lady beetle is not native to North America. They were originally found only in Asia but were intentionally introduced here as a way to control many types of harmful insects. Lady beetles and ladybugs enjoy warm areas and they frequently fly to sunny areas. They are now found all over North America, often in farmers' fields . Towards the fall, however, many find themselves unwanted in the homes of unwilling hosts where they will hibernate. 

   Native Lady Beetle

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