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yellow perch

Scientific Name: Perca flavescens 

Description: Yellow perch are the most commonly caught fish in Michigan. Adult perch are golden yellow in color. Young perch are much more pale yellow or white in color. The sides of these fish usually contain 6-8 dark vertical stripes. Perch are usually about 4 to 10 inches in length. Female perch usually grow faster and larger than male perch. When perch are crowded into an area, their growth is stunted. If too many perch are in an area, their maximum length may shrink to 6 inches.
Habitat: Yellow perch live in the eastern and midwestern states, as far south as South Carolina and Kansas and into Canada. They are found mainly in lakes , but they can also be found in large slow moving rivers . They need to live in clear water because too much mud or silt in the water can kill them. They prefer to live in water that is not too warm or too cold. 

Feeding: Yellow perch feed mainly on insects, fish eggs, and smaller fish.

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