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Scientific Name: Stizostedion vitreum

Description: Walleyes are the largest fish in the perch family. Walleye are known for their golden color and the black triangle on the membrane on the rear of their dorsal (back) fin. The walleye is also well known for its large cloudy eyes that help it find its prey . They are usually about 14-17 inches, but can grow as large as 37 inches and up to 25 pounds.  

Habitat: Walleyes are found in clean northern lakes and large rivers . They prefer to live in cool, shady waters in temperatures between 55 and 68 0 F. They usually don't swim deeper than 50 feet. 

Feeding: Walleyes eat all sorts of smaller fish like small bass, trout, perch, or sunfish. They also will eat worms or leeches.




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