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brown trout

Scientific Name: Salmo trutta

Description: Despite what their name says, most brown trout in the Great Lakes are mostly silver in color. They are usually about 13 to 16 inches in length, but older adults can get to be much bigger. They also have red spots along their sides, although they are often hard to see in fish from the lakes. Brown trout have been known to live up to 13 years in the wild.

Habitat: Brown trout are originally from Europe, but they were successfully introduced into the Great Lakes area in the late 1800's. They like to live in shallow waters surrounded by weed beds and rocks where they can hide. They usually live in areas where the water is 65-75 o F, which is considerably warmer than what most trout prefer.  

Feeding: They like to eat aquatic insects, snails, other fish, and small amphibians.

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