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Scientific Name: Pleurobema clava

Description:  These critters are mollusks that have triangular shells that can grow up to 3 inches in length.  Their shells are relatively thick with occasional grooves.  Clubshells are brown with a few green stripes on the most pointed part of the shell.  When opened up, teeth can be seen along with a pearly white interior.

Habitat:  Clubshells live in the water, mainly large rivers, in gravel or sandy areas.  The areas of water that they live in are in the Northeastern part of the United States

Why Are They Endangered? Clubshells, like many other mollusks are very sensitive to changes in the environment. When human activity causes streams and lakes to become muddier or more polluted, mollusks like the clubshell are often among the first species to die off. Actually, scientists can tell how polluted a body of water is just by looking at how many mollusks are living there.

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