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Wood Duck

Scientific Name: Aix Sponsa

Description:  The wood duck is one of the prettiest of the American waterfowl, especially the males who have bright green, blue, purple and red on different parts of its body.  The female is less attractive showing mostly brown over her entire body.  A distinct characteristic of the wood duck is the crown on their heads that points downward to their bodies.  Their call sounds very squeaky.  While these birds nearly became extinct in the early 1900's they have made a steady increase and now are more than 1 million of them across North America.

Habitat:  These birds live near the shore of swamps and streams.  They are the only waterfowl bird to nest in trees.  Once their young hatch they rapidly leave the nest jumping to the ground, sometimes 290ft, without getting injured!

Food:  These birds eat seeds, acorns and fruits.  They will also eat insects and other invertebrates as well.

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