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Scientific Name: Zonotrichia albicollis

Description:  White-throated sparrows are average size birds, which means that they are about 6 inches in length.  These birds have brown, black and white stripes on the top of their bodies with a contrasting pale white underside.  In addition to these colors, the sparrow has brownish-pink legs and white bars across its wings.  Another notable feature about these birds is that the male and female are similar in appearance.

Habitat:  Sparrows are found all across the United States and Canada but prefer to live where it is warm.   They find places in the winter with dense foliage and usually stay close to the ground like wood lots, gardens and scrub lands.

Feeding:  Sparrows look for food on the ground, and in trees and shrubs.  These foods include small fruits, buds from trees, seeds and insects.

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