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Scientific Name: Larus canus

Description:  This bird is one of the most common coastal birds to be seen by shore, or most anywhere there is food.  This bird is white and grey with a yellow beak and is about 12 inches in length and has a wingspan of about 4 feet. They have an average weight of about 1 pound.  The voice of this bird sounds somewhat like a shriek or a scream and should be very familiar to almost anyone that's ever spent time on the beach. These birds have the ability to live up to 24 years in the wild. 

Habitat: The sea gull is found in many parts of the world including Europe, Asia, and North America. This bird is found most often near shore, but can be found in parks, parking lots, or anywhere where it can find food scraps.

Food:  These birds must be the least picky eaters of them all; they are almost as bad as scavengers.  They will eat pretty much anything they can find from bread, to popcorn, to anything left over from humans, these birds will eat it.


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