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Scientific Name: Charadrius vociferous

Description:  Killdeers are about 8 inches long with brown upper parts, and white lower parts.  They have a red ring around their eye and a black collar and a white collar around their necks.  Another feature of these birds is the two black breast bands on their bodies.  Their song sounds like high pitched peeping. 


Habitat:  Killdeer are found all over North and Central America.  They like grasslands, wetlands, open fields and pastures.  These birds nest close to the ground and sometimes even on the ground.  While this may not seem intelligent, the killdeer have a great defense mechanism against predators.  They will pretend they are injured to distract the predator, and once they have a predator's attention away from the nest, they will fly away from them.  Killdeer produce two sets of eggs per year, and have their young leave them after only one month! 

Feeding:  Insects are a major part of their diet.  Howe ver, they will also eat berries and crustaceans. 

Click to hear the killdeer.


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