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Indigo Bunting

Scientific Name: Passerina cyanea

Description:  The male indigo bunting is a rich, deep blue all over.  He might appear black in poor lighting.  His crown is an even darker blue almost purple color.  The female is brown with only a few blue streaks on her back.  The indigo bunting has a magnificent call that only the male sings, and the sounds usually comes in pairs sounding like, "fire-fire, where-where, here-here, seeit-seeit." 

H abitat: These birds live anywhere from the Gulf of Mexico to the southern parts of Canada.  Here they will usually nest in meadows and bu ild their nests close to the ground.  These birds migrate south for the winter in flocks.  They travel at night, navigating by the stars. 

Feeding:  This bird eats a variety of different foods.  They will feed on anything from seeds, to berries, to insects and even herbs.

Click to hear the indigo bunting.



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