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House Wren

Scientific Name: Troglodytes aedon

Description:  These birds are relatively small, chunky birds with thin bills and rounded wings.  They are usually between 4 and 5 inches long.  The top of their bodies are brown with black barred wings and tails.  Their lower bodies are a whitish color.  Their song sounds somewhat like, "see-see, oodle-oodle," and both male and female make sounds. 

Habitat:  These birds can live in an extensive range of latitudes.  From Canada all the way down to Mexico, these birds can be found in forest edges, open woods and even in parks.  They fly south for the winter and the male returns before the female to claim the same territory they had last year.  These birds have been known to nest in some very interesting places.  They have been found in old shoes, cans, abandoned hornets nests, and even in pockets of a scarecrow! 

 Feeding:  House Wrens feed on mostly insects such as caterpillars, flies, aphids, spiders, beetles and others. 

Click to hear the house wren's call.

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