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Scientific Name: Cardinalis cardinalis

Description:  The cardinal is most known for its crest on its head, long tail, and its song.  Its song tells them apart from most other birds almost sounding like, "birdie, birdie, birdie," when it calls.  This bird is about 8 inches long and has different appearances for the sexes.  The male bird is red, and has dull wings and back. The female, however, is actually yellow and has a bright red crest on its head.

Habitat:  Most cardinals can be found in undergrowth and brushy areas, parks, and suburban areas.  Originally a southern bird, the cardinal moved northward into the Great Lakes area around 1895.  Many of these birds are found in the Mississippi area, but not because of migration, these birds don't migrate.

Feeding:  Cardinals feed on a wide variety of foods including: seeds, leaf buds, berries, fruits, flowers and insects.   

Click to hear the cardinal's song.

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