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Baltimore Oriole

Scientific Name: Icterus galbula

Description: These birds are slightly above average sized birds from Michigan, being about 7-8 inches long.  Male birds are black with orange undersides and rumps.  They have white bars and edges on their wings.  Females are a brownish-grey color with dull yellow-orange undersides and rumps.  They too have wing bars, but they are dull white. 

Habitat:  This bird enjoys living in the eastern part of North America.  Before the elm t ree's decline, this was the favorite place of these birds.  Now these birds nest in deciduous forests and shade trees. 

Feeding: Orioles primarily eat insects, but during the summer they also eat berries and nuts.  Sometimes you can even catch a glimpse of these birds feeding at hummingbird feeders.

Click to hear the oriole's call.

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