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american toad

Scientific Name: Bufo americanus

 Description: American toads have short legs and thick skin with all sorts of warts. The warts can be red or yellow and they secrete a poisonous milky fluid that protects the toad from hungry predators. These toads are normally brown in color but they can also be olive or grey. They normally grow to be between 2 to 4 inches long. Very few toads live past their tadpole stage and those that make it to adulthood rarely live more than a year. Some, however, live as long as 10 years in the wild. Toad secretions do not harm people, but you may notice your dog slobbering after it picks up the toad in its mouth.

Habitat: American toads are found throughout much of North America, but they are most common in the northern part of the U.S. These toads need some sort of water source such as a pond to lay their eggs and thick vegetation where they can hunt for food.  Beyond that they can live just about anywhere.  

Food: American toads are not picky eaters. They eat all sorts of insects and other small invertebrates such as snails, earthworms, or slugs.

This is the sound of the American toad.

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